'Sleep hyperhidrosis’ could raise stroke risk by 70% – may reflect 'lesions' in the brain

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“While women can expect to live longer than men, this alone does not explain the difference in the number of people developing dementia, and scientists have been dealing deeper into the biological variations that could underlie this effect.”

Sofiya Shreyer, the lead author of the latest study from the Anthropology department at the University of Massachusetts, noted: “We know that sleep disturbances are one of the biggest detriments for women going through menopause.

“These results [however] are unique because they show that women experiencing night sweats, rather than just hot flashes, maybe at an even bigger disadvantage.

“This study adds to the growing evidence that menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats can significantly detract from a women’s quality of life and should be taken seriously by healthcare professionals.”

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