Simon Calder reveals the EXACT hour you should avoid TODAY to escape Bank Holiday traffic

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“This is all to do with them. [There’s] new track and new signalling in Watford; there’s work going on in Wembley as well to speed up journeys and make life better, and [they’re trying to reduce] the number of signal failures that you get.

“They say, ‘We have to plan these things well in advance, you can’t suddenly say, okay, we’ll do it Tuesday to Friday instead.’

“Even though, of course, since Covid, there has been a collapse in the number of season ticket commuters, and the strongest numbers that you’re seeing are weekends, particularly bank holiday weekend, and particularly it’s the time when an awful lot of your viewers will be wanting to use the trains to go to see loved ones or to go on a day out or whatever.

“And as soon as they turn around and they want to go to London, they can’t.”


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