Sexton rips SCOTUS unrest: 'Party of the mob' blames GOP but has yet to 'reckon with' summer of BLM

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While President Biden leads liberal warnings about domestic right-wing extremism, former CIA officer Buck Sexton said Democrats are the “party of the mob” as Catholic Churches and Supreme Court justices’ homes brace for possible angry protests this weekend following the leak of a draft opinion suggesting the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

In response to a montage of officials and news reports on the threat of violence from the right if the Supreme Court rules a certain way in the Dobbs v. Jackson, Sexton told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday it shows the Democratic Party is “wallowing in its delusions.”

“The notion that there might be right-wing violence in response to a decision that the right overwhelmingly likes makes absolutely no sense,” he said

Sexton added that instead, it is the left that must be concerned with its own actions, as progressive groups publicized the private addresses of jurists.


Sexton (Fox News)

“The Democrat Party has never actually had a reckoning with the fact that there was a long-standing insurrection in 2020, and it was BLM and Antifa, and it was egged on by people in the press,” the “Clay & Buck” host said. “There was mass looting and mass hysteria in cities across the country. They’ve never even had a moment of introspection about this.”

“They are the riot party. This is what they do. They are the mob. They’re the ones that freak out when they don’t get their way through childish tantrums. They don’t petition the court. They threaten to or try to burn down the court.”

As a legal matter, Sexton added, anyone who believes there is a right to abort a baby in the Constitution will believe anything they are told.



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He criticized the White House for refusing to fervently oppose intimidating justices at their homes, which host Tucker Carlson noted may violate federal law itself.

“Jen Psaki doesn’t want to upset the Democrat base who are enraged, and who are effectively melting down before our very eyes,” Sexton said.

The radio host added that normal folks understand threats are uncalled-for and that there is no good reason to publicize justices’ home addresses.

Sexton reiterated that it shows the Democrats to truly be the “party of the mob.”

“And I don’t think they’re going to be able to turn that off any time soon,” he said.


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