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Self-described ‘witch’ charged with murder in missing mom’s disappearance


A self-proclaimed witch has been charged with murder in the case of missing Georgia mom Leila Cavett, nearly 10 months after she vanished in Florida and her toddler was found wandering alone, authorities said.

Shanon Demar Ryan, a 40-year-old who refers to himself as “the witch” and a “master of the occult arts” on his Facebook page, was charged with second-degree murder in the disappearance of Leila Cavett, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Cavett, 21, was last seen near Ryan’s gold Lexus at a gas station in Hollywood, Florida, on July 25 — and her 2-year-old son was found the next day, wandering by himself barefoot outside an apartment complex in Miramar, about two miles away, authorities said.

Ryan told authorities the last time he saw Cavett and the toddler was when they took off in a black car at the gas station to go party with a group of men, the newspaper reported.

But surveillance video did not corroborate his claims, police said.

The day after her disappearance, Ryan went to a Walmart and purchased carpet deodorant, trash bags and duct tape, authorities said.

He later returned to the gas station where Cavett was last seen with a bottle of bleach, the newspaper reported.

Surveillance footage showed that Ryan went back and forth at the gas station from Cavett’s parked truck to the dumpster and a trash can, where he threw out women’s clothing and toys, the newspaper reported.

Detectives also searched his phone and found that he had searched how to make chloroform and when trash gets picked up in the town, cops said.

Ryan has been detained since August on child neglect charges that stem from Cavett’s 2-year-old son being abandoned in Miramar on July 26.

He has also been charged with kidnapping with the intent to collect a ransom and lying to a federal officer, the newspaper reported.

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