'Screaming' at Manchester shopping centre as police swoop on knifeman terrifying workers

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Police have swarmed the Ardnale shopping centre in Manchester following reports of a youngster armed with a knife. 

Officers have descended on the city centre this evening after a “young male” was “in possession of a knife”.

In a statement, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) announced they had arrived to conduct investigations at the scene. 

The officers will remain in the area as “further enquiries” continue. 

Reporters at the scene from Manchester Evening News have described the presence as “heavy”. 

Bystanders told local reporter James Holt they were initially confused as police arrived. 

A woman out shopping with her daughter said they “didn’t have a clue what was happening” as officers ran into the centre. 

A shop worker told Mr Holt the police had run into the centre’s upper levels. 

They told the reporter they returned from their break to “screaming and shouting”. 

“I had just come back from my break and heard loads of screaming and shouting from upstairs.”

They added: “This city always feels like it’s on high alert. It’s scary”

Manchester Police has confirmed no one was hurt in a statement released this evening.

The service said it had arrested five 14-year-old boys on suspicion of violent disorder. 

The statement posted to Twitter read: “At 1700hrs we’ve responded to reports of, children with a knife, in the Arndale Centre.

“Five males, around 14yr old, have been arrested on suspicion of violent disorder, they remain in police custody.

“Thankfully, no one was hurt or injured during this incident.”

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