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Sardinia inferno 'like nothing ever seen before' – fires rage for 60 hours in extreme heat


The island of Sardinia has been burning for at least 60 hours. The fire broke out in the municipality of Bonarcado when on July 23 a car caught fire due to a road accident. The extreme heatwave sweeping Europe has caused infernos to spread unchecked across the Mediterranean island.

Speaking to La Stampa, he added: “It is not yet possible to make an exact estimate.

“The situation is still evolving.

“What we are witnessing is a drama of enormous proportions: hectares and hectares gone up in smoke, centuries of environmental and landscape history erased.”

Now the general director of the Civil Protection of Sardinia, Antonio Pasquale Belloi has made a statement and said that “all civil protection associations are already active to support the population”.

He added: “In the last evacuation there were about 400 displaced persons.

“In all, there are about a thousand, but some are already returning to their homes because these are places that have re-established the minimum safety margin.

“The most important thing is that we have managed, despite the devastating weather and climatic conditions from the point of view of the spread of fires, to guarantee the safety of citizens.

“For three days the high temperatures have made the central-western part of Sardinia, the one affected by this fire driven by the wind, explosive.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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