Russia soldiers left using 'bicycles and scooters' as motorised brigade have 'no vehicles'

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Russian soldiers have been heard complaining about having “no vehicles at all” and being forced to use “bicycles and scooters” to move around the combat zone in a conservation intercepted by Ukraine’s secret service. In the audio clip, the soldier, operating near the city of Lyman in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, can be heard saying to what is believed to be a senior officer that there is “just one tank standing here and that is all”. Both the junior and higher-ranking member of Putin’s forces appear frustrated by the lack of equipment. Russian soldiers were forced to flee Lyman at the end of September after rapid Ukrainian counter offensives struck them while they were unprepared for an attack. 

The senior soldier asked: “Do we not have the f***ing artillery or heavy armoured vehicles?” 

The soldier in Lyman reported back: “No, no vehicles at all. Our company does not even have a BTR (Bronetransporter – Russian armoured personnel carriers).” 

The first soldier said: “Great. Find bicycles and scooters. Whatever you can find. And what, no promises, no forecasts of when the vehicles might arrive?” 

The soldier in Lyman said: “No, just one tank standing here and that is all. But, you know, it cannot fire. There is another one somewhere here within the trees but it cannot drive.” 

Asked where the third tank is, the soldier said: “We do not have it.” 

Until the end of September, the city of Lyman, located in the northeastern quarter of Donetsk Oblast, was occupied by soldiers of the Russian 20th Combined Arms army and Bars-13 troops from the Russian Guard. 

Further soldiers, who had been forced to retreat from Kharkiv and Izium further north following sweeping Ukrainian counter offensives, also occupied the city. 

But Ukraine’s Armed Forces pushed into Lyman soon after reclaiming Izium, quickly trapping the Russian soldiers within the city. 

A Ukrainian officer, called “Flagman”, who had taken part in the counter assault, claimed many of the Russian soldiers in Lyman had wanted to “withdraw” and so they “did not really organise themselves” in time for the attack. 

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