Royal Family LIVE: Meghan ally warns of Harry's bombshell 'Spare' memoir's double meaning

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Prince Harry’s memoir, titled ‘Spare’, is widely believed to refer to the phrase “heir and a spare” – which has led many to speculate he will explore his feelings of isolation and rejection in the book. However, columnist Elaine Lui, a Canadian TV personality who has worked with Meghan’s friend Ben Mulroney and is also close to Meghan’s best friend, the Soho House executive Markus Anderson, has suggested the title has another meaning. She said: “It is actually a really kind verb. It involves effort. When you spare time or money or thought for someone, you’re making an effort and more often than not it’s a helpful effort. In some cases, to spare is also to save. You can spare someone the trouble of having to do something that isn’t pleasant, something potentially harmful. Spare and save are interchangeable in that context. There can also be benevolence associated with sparing someone. ‘I didn’t want to ask her about that because I wanted to spare her feelings.’ And all of those ideas also apply to Prince Harry, given his personal evolution and the mission he and Meghan Markle have set for themselves and their work.”


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