Republicans looking to win the House rocked as at least 10 were at Capitol riots

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At least 10 Republicans who are running for Congress were at the January 6 riots. Early in 2021, supporters of Donald Trump attended the “Stop the Steal” rally, where some made their way toward the US Capitol to stop Joe Biden’s election. Three Republican nominees are also seeking statewide office in 2022.

Retired Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden travelled to Washington on January 6, but insists he did not join the mob attack on the Capitol.

However, polls put the race for Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District firmly in favour of the Republican over Brad Pfaff for an open Wisconsin seat long held by Democrats.

North Carolina’s Sandy Smith, who tweeted on January 6 she was “in DC fighting for Trump” and had “just marched from the Monument to the Capitol”, breezed to the Republican nomination.

In addition, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy campaigned early with JR Majewski, GOP nominee for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District, who was also at the Capitol on January 6.

The party has stuck with the Ohio candidate after reports that he misrepresented his military record.

Mr Majewski also told Toledo TV station WTOL in April 2021: “When everything started to happen … we all left.

“I was responsible for 60-70 people at the Capitol. I had multiple people get injured but I made sure they made it back to our hotel. It was a terrible experience.”

Leon Benjamin Senior, GOP nominee for Virginia’s 4th Congressional District, was also in Washington on January 6, according to photos and a live-stream video he posted on Facebook.

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Jo Rae Perkins, making a longshot bid for US Senate in Oregon, told CBS Portland affiliate KOIN that she walked up to the exterior of the Capitol building but did not enter.

Jeff Zink, the GOP nominee for Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, also told Texas station WCBD he did not enter the Capitol and did not participate in the violence.

Tina Forte, running in New York’s 14th Congressional District, also live-streamed video near the Capitol with other demonstrators.

John Feehery, a Republican strategist who was the long-serving spokesperson for former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert, said: “Trump inspires all of this.

“There are not a lot of shrinking violets. Not a lot of people trying to be moderates. They are warriors for their beliefs.”

Carlos Curbelo, a Republican former congressman from Florida, also said: “This is going to be the most diverse class of Republicans — ever — in every sense of the word.

“What it means for governing is a big question mark.”

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