Reince Priebus: America is spiraling under complete Democrat control

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Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus joined “Hannity” Monday to discuss President Biden’s performance on the world stage as Ukrainian President Zelenskyy asks for military aid.

REINCE PRIEBUS: The other half of that famous quote about ‘peace through strength’ is that ‘weakness only invites aggression.’ The world is not afraid of Joe Biden. We all sit on airplanes. Sometimes you sit by Republicans. Sometimes you sit by Democrats. I’ve never had any conversation with any Democrat that makes the argument to me that Joe Biden is doing a great job as president. I’ve never had a Democrat tell me that. I’ll tell you why. Because when Joe Biden ran, he ran on a specific theme. The theme was, Joe Biden was the safe choice for America. Every three months, Joe Biden gets up there and says America is back. America is back. It’s spring break time, right? Gas is up 40%. Car rentals are up 40%. Have you rented a car lately? And paid that price, it’s amazing. You shop for a used car because a lot of new cars, you can’t get anymore because there’s not enough chips. Used cars are up 40%. A million people are getting ready to cross the border over the next six weeks. DHS, the Biden DHS is saying a million people are going to cross. The Democrats have had a complete party control. The country is spiraling. 



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