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Rat Attack! Rodent sends politicians into panic as it enters parliament in Spain


The rat took devolved legislators off-guard just as they were set to cast their votes on an important matter for the Andalusia region. Elected members were about to vote on whether to anoint Susana Diaz, the former regional President, as a senator for the region.

The unwelcome visitor entered the chamber during its Wednesday session.

Members can be heard shrieking and gasping after catching sight of the rodent.

This included the regional speaker, Marta Bosquet, who covered her mask-covered mouth with her hand after spotting the rat.

The rat was at this point scurrying under the chairs and tables on the Parliament’s floor.

Bosquet then called for calm in the chamber.

A 30-second clip of the incident reveals how members leapt to their feet to avoid the rodent.

Some elected officials then opted to leave the chamber while others knelt on their chairs.

Witnesses told local reporters the rodent was of considerable size.

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After becoming President of Andalusia in 2013, Diaz entered the race to become the leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) in 2017.

Diaz finished in second place and was then ousted as President of Andalusia just one year later.

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