Radio host fired for Kamala Harris joke says woke mob 'never satisfied'

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Conservative radio host Amber Athey said the woke mob is “never satisfied” Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” after she was fired from her job for a joke about Vice President Kamala Harris.

Athey said she was fired for a tweet about Harris’ outfit at the State of the Union address. The tweet read, “Kamala looks like a UPS employee — what can brown do for you? Nothing good, apparently.”


The former WMAL radio host told Tucker Carlson that the station’s parent company, Cumulus, thought it “could appease the mob if they just fired me.”

“Their first mistake was that the woke mob is never satisfied,” Athey explained. 

“And the second mistake that they made is they thought that I was just going to roll over and shut up about this.”

“And so I intended as soon as I got fired to very loudly and proudly tell everybody about what happened to me,” she continued. “Because I think we live in a very perverse and sick society, Tucker, when a young woman from a working-class background with parents who didn’t go to college can’t criticize the outfit of the most powerful woman in the United States. And worse than that, the most powerful woman in the United States is actually considered the marginalized victim in this scenario.”

Carlson added that the “big, soulless, creepy woke company” sided with Harris, “the most powerful woman in the [U.S.]”

According to Athey, Cumulus Washington Vice President Jeff Boden and Human Resources Vice President Kriston Fancellas told her in a phone call that her tweet violated a “vague” social media policy that forbids employees from doing anything to bring reputational harm on Cumulus.

The policy exists “so that they can fire people for any reason that they want,” she added.

Athey said she was not given the chance to defend herself. She reported that “in subsequent meetings about this situation, they actually admitted that they didn’t really think that the tweet was racist.”


“What really matter[ed] to them was the perception of it being racist by these really bad-faith, dishonest left-wing actors.” 


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