QR codes for Small Businesses: a low-cost way to upgrade and simplify your operations

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QR codes for Small Businesses
QR codes for Small Businesses

QR codes for small businesses or SMEs are effective in simplifying day-to-day operations.

When the business is just starting out, the owner is pretty much the HR, marketing, logistics, and procurement, all in one.

To make sure managers are focused on more important tasks at hand, QR codes should be used as a low-cost and efficient tool to simplify employee training, filing, and receiving customer payments.

But first, you should find the best QR code generator to help you create all the QR codes you need for your business.

Let’s get you started.

QR codes for Filing

Share documents, bookmark, classify, and index your business files. It’s all possible with QR codes.

Make it easy to share files as you can just post the QR code on the wall of your office, or place it on the file so it’s easy to scan. For every filing need, employees are made aware of where things are and what to do with them in just one scan.

You can classify your files with QR codes on the envelopes to show invoice numbers, procurement orders, and other inventory items and classifications.

You can use a PDF QR code or a URL QR code for information and files stored on the cloud.

QR codes for mobile payments

A 2020 mobile payments report led by China UnionPay showed that 85% of users scanned QR codes to pay for their transactions. It’s gotten so common that some small businesses in China won’t even accept cash payments anymore.

About time the world keeps up, right?

One way to make it easier for your customers to pay — the contactless and no-fuss way — is to place a QR code that will lead them to a secured payment page.

Of course, QR codes also work effectively as a low-cost menu ordering page for restaurants.

QR code mobile payments are here to stay, and you’re better off adapting to them sooner rather than later.

QR codes for checking employee attendance

Biometrics attendance is currently discouraged, for obvious reasons. One way to create a more efficient and secure way of tracking your employees’ attendance is to create a QR code for each employee to scan daily.

Post it on your office entrance or your employees’ cubicles so they don’t forget to scan the code everytime they report for work.

To make sure they’re being honest with their logins, you can easily track their location and time of scan when you use a dynamic QR code online.

QR codes for employee training

Be it for onboarding, accounting, or safety training, you can simply do a lot more when you store training files and guides in a QR code.

This can be done for every stage of the training. From the first day — a list of checklists and other instructions in one scan, to the end of the training to scan the QR code and provide feedback.

Doing the training online? No worries! Put a QR code on your customized background so you won’t have to pause and manually send your instructional material links. It’s quite tedious if you keep doing that, not to mention, it could ruin your train of thought while in the middle of it all.

With QR codes for training, you can just tell trainees to scan the code even in the middle of your class so they will just extract the files themselves. It’s your easy and seamless tool in employee training, be it online or in-office.

Business cards

Small businesses can still reach a huge number of customers even on a low marketing budget.

vCards or electronic cards can be shared online and posted with a QR code.

One scan can lead your customers to any format you’d like. It can be your company website, customer service email, a video introduction, a well-curated portfolio, or your reviews and Contact Us page.

It’s all about how creative you can get in drawing your customers’ attention to scan the QR code you’ve included in the business card.

When networking, you can easily give out your business card with a QR code so more people can see the added information you’ve embedded in there.

QR codes are low-cost, reliable, and easy to use. Even if you’re only starting out with your business, using QR codes early on will get every employee and customer to start adapting to your efficient business operations.

How do you plan to use QR codes for your business? Share it with us in the comments below.

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