Putin’s warlord Kadyrov 'gifted Ukrainian slaves’ by his own teenage son

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In the latest instance of war crimes being committed and even celebrated by Russia, one of Vladimir Putin’s chief henchmen is seen in a new video allegedly accepting a gift of three Ukrainian POWs as slaves. Leader of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov had previously proudly boasted how his young sons, one of whom is as young as 14, have fought on the frontlines of Ukraine. The shocking clip, shared by London-based risk analyst Alex Kokcharov, captures the moment the leader accepted the captives in what he described “modern slavery”. Filming POWs without their consent is officially a war crime under the Geneva Convention, lawyers have pointed out, and the disgusting video emerges shortly after Kadyrov actively encouraged despot Putin to use a “low-yield nuclear weapon” to further his cruel and illegal invasion of Ukraine.

The captives in the video have their hands tied behind their backs and hoods pulled over their heads. They were marched at gunpoint to Kadyrov’s home.

The men are almost bent double, as Kadyrov’s 16-year-old son, Ahmad, presents them to his father, pulling back their hoods and identifying them as slaves. The Chechen leader wrote on Telegram that his sons had captured the Ukrainians during a special operation with the West-Akhmat battalion.

Under the Third Geneva Convention, prisoners of war should be treated with “humanity” and not paraded for the public to see – although whether those depicted in the video truly are Ukrainian captives, and not actors, is not yet known.

Maxim Grebenyuk, a lawyer and an expert in military law, told the Caucasian Knot: “POWs should give their written consent to filming the video and posting thereof in the public domain.”

Kadyrov had previously boasted via Telegram that Ahmad, along with his other sons Eli, 15, and Adam, 14, had “visited the frontline, where fierce battles with Ukrainian nationalists are currently taking place”.

He added the three boys “made their way close to the enemy positions and provided fire cover to advancing fighters”. The war leader went on to post video clips which appeared to depict the teenagers firing and posing with weapons in the combat zone.

He wrote: “I always believed that the main goal of any father is to instil religious devotion in his sons and teach them to protect the family, the people, and the Fatherland. It’s time to show themselves in a real fight, and this is their desire, I only welcome [it].”

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He went on to call on Russia to use a “low-yield nuclear weapon” following the counteroffensive, and has repeatedly pushed for the Kremlin to utilise stronger and more devastating weaponry.

In an audio message on his Telegram channel, the leader said that “if a shell comes in our direction, our region, we need to wipe out [Ukrainian] cities off the face of the Earth”.

His incendiary comments come as Russian officials accuse Kyiv of plotting to use a so-called “dirty bomb” to implicate the Kremlin in war crimes. The accusations have been dismissed as efforts by Moscow to find an excuse to escalate the conflict – with analysts noting that Russia frequently accuses Ukraine of what they are planning to do themselves.

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