Putin's Wagner thugs left rattled by Ukraine's 'impenetrable' defence armour

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Members of Russia’s Wanger Group, made up of mercenaries and former convicts, have been left speechless as they realised a Ukrainian armour plate was “impenetrable”. They admitted it was an “unpleasant feeling” seeing how effective the western-supplied equipment was against their weapons before applauding the people that helped build and ship the armour. In the footage, the mercenaries fire several shots at the Ukrainian plate but, upon inspection, there was “not a single dent”, much to the disbelief of the Wagner group members. It comes as Ukraine continued its counter-offensives in the south, around Kherson, despite further Russian strikes. 

After describing a first attempt to penetrate the Ukrainian bulletproof vest with an assault rifle as “unpleasant and disappointing”, a member of the Wagner Group said: “We’ll now try an AKM [a small Kalashnikov assault rifle]. 

“It is possible it will penetrate it. But anyway, their volunteers did their job, what else can I say? So, let’s see how the assault rifle will work.” 

The mercenary then loaded up his AKM and fired three shots at the defence armour from around five metres away, before he said: “Let’s have a look.” 

After walking up to the armour, he said: “[It is] a bit of an unpleasant feeling that this plate is too impenetrable.” 

After the cameraman remarked that the rifle caused “no penetration”, the gunman said: “Our opponent’s plate is not penetrable, for some reason. I don’t understand. 

The pair then decided to “open it up and see what is inside” but were left further disappointed as it appeared the Ukrainian armour plate was completely unscathed. 

The mercenary said: “I am shocked! Not a single dent, absolutely nothing. What does this show us? It worked great.” 

The two mercenaries proceeded to further examine the plate before concluding that the outer layers of felt and foam had completely soaked up the impact of the bullets without denting the plate. 

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