Putin sends just six soldiers to zone needing 100 fighters in latest Ukraine war blunder

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Russia has reportedly been deploying army companies in an embattled sector of Ukraine with just six to eight men – when they are supposed to be 100 men strong. According to the UK’s Ministry of Defence, Russia has likely been bolstering its forces west of the Dnipro River with mobilised reservists – but this constitutes an “extremely low level of manning”. This comes as the dictatorship prepares to battle for the captured city of Kherson and thousands of civilians flee the city, the capital of one of the regions Russia claimed to have annexed after sham referendums. The largest city Russia has taken from Ukraine, Kherson is highly strategically important and holding it plays a key role in Vladimir Putin solidifying his grip on the south eastern parts of Ukraine.

The MoD reported: “In September 2022, Russian officers described companies in the Kherson sector as consisting of between six and eight men each. Companies should deploy with around 100 personnel.”

The defence officials added that Russia had recently began to “transition to a long-term, defensive posture on most areas of the front line of Ukraine. This is likely due to a more realistic assessment that the severely undermanned, poorly trained force in Ukraine is currently only capable of defensive operations”. 

However, it added that even if Russia manages to consolidate its position long-term, “its operational design will remain vulnerable”.

The MoD said that Russia will “need to regenerate higher quality, mobile forces” to counter Ukraine’s efforts to reclaim their land. The head of Russian-annexed Crimea recently announced the completion of a civilian evacuation organised by Russia’s forces in the occupied Kherson region.

Sergei Aksyonov said on Telegram: “The work to organise residents leaving the left side of the Dnipro [River] to safe regions of Russia is completed”.

Russia’s installed authorities in the region have urged residents to cross the river as Ukraine steadily approaches the city. Vladimir Saldo, a Russia-installed governor in the area, said at least 70,000 people had left their homes in the region in the span of a week.

Ukraine’s government has compared this to Soviet-like “deportations” of its people.

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“The Russian army should not be underestimated.”

Ukraine has destroyed two bridges across the Dnipro river and moved rapidly on its western bank, aiming to cut off Russian supply lines and potential routes of retreat.

Earlier this month an explosion partially damaged the Kerch bridge linking Russia to Crimea – prompting an intensification of Russian aggression in Ukraine, with airstrikes sweeping the country targeting civilian infrastructure.

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