Putin rocked after Ukraine attacks leave trail of destruction and devastation in Russia

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Vladimir Putin was left reeling after fresh attacks in Russia’s border regions with Ukraine left a trail of destruction and devastation. The Bryansk and Belgorod regions form borders with Ukraine and have been the scene of numerous artillery strikes, reportedly by Ukraine’s military. The attacks have sown fear and panic among local populations, who every day are having to count the costs of Putin’s so-called “special military operation”.

Last week on Tuesday the village of Belaya Berezka in the Bryansk province came under fire.

Local media reported a number of residential buildings were hit by several shells, said to have been fired by Ukraine’s military.

Photos from the village show a house engulfed in flames with thick black smoke spiralling skywards.

Emergency services were immediately dispatched to the scene to try and bring the blaze under control.

However, there were no confirmed reports of any injured or dead.

Friday also saw parts of Belgorod province come under renewed attack, again allegedly from Ukraine’s army.

Several loud explosions occurred in the town of Shebekino, located around 30km (18 miles) southeast from the regional capital, Belgorod.

Local news reports confirmed an industrial enterprise was hit, as well as a shopping centre.

Vladimir Zhdanov, head of the Shebekinsky city district, said on his official Telegram channel: “The smoke that residents see is from a fire that arose as a result of the shelling of an industrial enterprise.

“Emergency services have begun to deal with the situation.

“In some areas of the city there is no electricity supply – the power engineers are already engaged in restoring connection.”

Officials later said 11 people were injured in the shelling, four of whom were in a serious condition.

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Suspicions are growing that the incident may have been caused by an experiment that went wrong.

Two days before the blast, local residents became concerned when they saw a huge column of smoke near the plant.

The company reassured residents that nothing was amiss and there was no danger to the public.

Officials said at the time that they were carrying out planned tests and everything was under control.

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