Putin 'much more cautious' in his threats of using nuclear weapons, says Russian insider

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Vladimir Putin’s threat of nuclear attack has now “diminished” as he has become “much more cautious”, according to a Russian businessman. Mikhail Khodorkovsky has claimed that since holding talks with Chinese allies the Kremlin are less likely to deploy nuclear weapons.

He added that in spite of MI6 fears over Putin being replaced with someone even more hostile, there could be no one more “dangerous” than the warmongering President.

Speaking to Kirsty Wark on Newsnight, Mr Khodorkovsky shared his insight into the inner workings of the Kremlin.

When asked about the most recent former Head of MI6’s comments that “if Putin is brought down be careful what you wish for, because there might be an even more dangerous despot put in his place”, the Russian replied: “I can’t imagine what the distinguished gentleman is expecting in terms of more dangerous.

“Before us stands a man who began the war, who threatens to use nuclear weapons, and who threatens to expand that war to NATO countries.

“What does he think could be more dangerous than that?”

Putin has continuously warned that he is prepared to use nuclear force and has insisted he is “not bluffing”.

Ms Wark then asked Mr Khodorkovsky what he thought the chances of that actually happening were as a percentage.

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He added: “There are a number of groups who might seize power, but I don’t think that any of them could hang onto it.

“But if we’re looking to somebody who could hold power after Putin, then we would have to look to the Russian regions.”

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has slammed Putin’s ongoing war rhetoric, saying his words were “unclear, untrue and unedifying”.

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