Prince Harry's memoir branded a 'time-bomb' for the Royal Family as content 'damaging'

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Prince Harry’s memoir book set to be published soon has been branded a “time bomb” for the Royal Family as it contains a lot of “damaging material”, according to author Tom Bower. The former BBC journalist criticised Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, for “making a pact with the Devil” with the book and their deal with streaming giant Netflix. The Duke of Sussex’s book, titled ‘Spare’ will hit the shelves on January 10, 2023.

Mr Bower, who wrote ‘Revenge’ on the couple’s split from the royals, said he understood the upcoming series and book would criticise Charles, William, Kate and Camilla.

Speaking on US radio, he said: “I’m sure it contains a lot of very damaging material. The whole package is really now a time bomb for the Royal Family and filled with poison.”

Mr Bower, 76, also claimed that Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, fear losing their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles but will not back down from attacks on the royals.

And he also claimed Harry fears Meghan leaving him, noting: “Harry’s always terrified Meghan will leave him.

The book was initially due to be published by the end of 2022, however, following Queen Elizabeth II’s death, it was reported that Prince Harry went back to rewrite and tone down the content, as a sign of respect to the late monarch.

Professor Pauline MacLaran of Royal Holloway, University of London, said the book could be a “very personal and emotional account”.

Asked about what she revelations she expects to read in the book when it hits the shelves, Ms MacLaran told “I expect the book will contain details of his growing up within the royal household.

“This will mean revisiting his mother’s death and the lead-up to it, I imagine, with the turbulent years that preceded it – in particular, the warring relationship between Charles and Diana and how that impacted on him. It is likely to be a very personal and emotional account.”

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The Professor suggested that the book will work positively for Prince Harry’s reputation and popularity, especially among young people, as the Duke aims to rebrand from a royal to a humanitarian.

The Marketing and Consumer Research Professor said: “I think the book is likely to gain a lot of support from the younger generation (especially Gen Z) who will see Harry as challenging tradition and overcoming many problems he has had due to his upbringing.

“As such, they are likely to find him relatable and someone they can empathise with. Harry certainly appears to be positioning the book in this way. We really need to wait and hear more about the content.

“For me, this is Harry trying to carve out his own identity and making the transition from his past life as a royal to his new one as a humanitarian and preparing the ground to be accepted in this new role.”

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