Prince Harry's body language is 'hard to watch' in new video – 'becomes visibly emotional'

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Prince Harry, 38, spoke to WellChild Award winners today via video call from his £11million home in Santa Barbara which he shares with wife Meghan Markle, 41. What was the Duke of Sussex’s body language like?

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to about Harry’s video call.

She said: “It’s hard to watch Harry here and not regret the fact that he is no longer a member of the royal Firm. He engages so well and shows empathy with the people he is talking to, as well as exposing his own emotions in a very natural way.

“He is especially good with the children, who he mirrors and mimics to create some very natural bonds with, and who he talks to directly and easily, rather than talking over them at their parents.”

How do the video-call guests communicate with the Duke?

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How has Harry’s accent changed?

Judi opined: “His ‘excited’ is now ‘excided’, his ‘harder’ sounds like ‘hurder’, and finally ‘better’ comes out as ‘bedder’.”

Linguistic experts from the language learning platform Babbel previously spoke to about the Duke’s changing voice overseas.

They said: “Since moving to the US, Harry’s once traditional, royal accent has taken on a more laid back tone, which, to some, might sound like an Americanisation of his accent.

“However it’s more likely due to him dropping Received Pronunciation (RP), which is often the world’s idea of the ‘perfect’ British accent, also referred to as the Queen’s English. 

“What we’re seeing as Harry’s ‘new’ accent is more commonly referred to as an ‘Estuary English’ accent, a well-spoken accent typical of London and the South East of England which is less rigid in its pronunciation than RP, but is still common amongst the upper class.

“Although Estuary English shares a handful of similarities with the American accent (dropping of ‘t’s and the use of contractions like ‘gonna’), it is more likely that Harry simply speaks with an Estuary English accent naturally, and we’re noticing the difference because Harry is embracing his life outside the Royal Family.”

They added: “It’s clear that Harry is beginning to borrow a selection of popular American slang and phrases (‘pop the hood’, ‘you guys’), although it’s unsurprising considering he’s been living in the US since March 2020.”

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