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Postponing a Return to Office Gets Companies Nowhere


The pandemic has its own timetable. The recent rise in cases was largely unexpected, and already seems to be reversing in both the hard-hit South and the less-severely-affected white-collar work-from-home hotbeds of New York, San Francisco and Seattle. If that turns out to be it for the delta wave, waiting three or four more months to go back to the office doesn’t make a lot of sense. If we’re in for more of delta, or of mu, sigma, phi, omega or whatever else the pandemic throws at us, the past performance of both Covid and seasonal influenza suggest that the next peak will be in January — just in time for lots of major employers to announce that RTO is being delayed yet again. “Enough,” tweeted Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera in reaction to Google’s announcement this week. “It’s time to just convert all the offices into housing.”

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