Politics LIVE: Braverman rages at 'witch hunt' as Patel allies turns on new Home Sec

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Immigration minister Robert Jenrick has told Times Radio that the processing of asylum applications was taking too long.

He said: “We want to get to a point where, on the UK side, we are receiving people at Manston, processing them very swiftly, then sending them to accommodation such as hotels or alternatives, and ensuring that those hotels are evenly spread across the country, are as good value for the taxpayer as possible, that claims are processed swiftly.

“They’re taking too long at the moment. And then those individuals, if they’re successful, go on to lead fulfilling lives in the UK and make a contribution to this country.

“If they’re not that, they’re removed from the UK as swiftly as possible. But that is essentially the symptom of the problem.

“It will always be challenging for the Home Office to handle those symptoms if the scale of the challenge is as great as it is today.”

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