Petrol prices: 3 driving mistakes that are wasting your fuel and costing you a fortune

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You’re neglecting your tyres

If there was ever a time to check your car, van or bike’s tyre pressures, it is definitely now.

Research shows you use an additional three percent fuel for every 10 percent your tyres are under-inflated, a figure which can quickly add up in the ever-changing climate of petrol costs.

Andreas Giese, product planning at tyre maker Falken, said: “A properly inflated tyre not only extends the life of the tyre but gives you better fuel economy.

“Increased rolling resistance from a soft tyre leads to higher fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”

Even a 0.5 bar pressure loss could increase fuel consumption by two to five percent, which is why it’s really important to check your tyres regularly – even if a car has a tyre pressure monitoring system fitted.

Making this simple check is as easy as looking for the correct pressure values on the driver-side door pillar and adjusting the tyres accordingly.


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