Pensioner's heart-rending plea for Sunak to show 'compassion' in any triple-lock decision

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The pensioner – who turns 70 in May – asked: “Why are we off-grid boat-dwellers being treated differently? Why are we not automatically entitled to the same allowances that other people are getting? Must we continue to fend for ourselves while others are given extra help? Must we continue to sit in the cold and damp because we are not able to afford a bag of coal? Must we continue to be the forgotten few?”

Mr Gudgin, who is currently moored near Whittington in Staffordshire, said he enjoys being a “constant cruiser” on his barge, never spending more than fourteen days in one place. But he also believes it would only be more expensive to move into a static house.

He said: “On the boat I can just about manage to live on the state pension. If I moved into a house – no chance. I’d need a month’s state pension to live a week in a house. It’s just not on.”

Having no fixed address, Mr Gudgin said he is also unable to vote, and does not have an MP to contact. He told this website he does not care if the Government is “red or blue, green or yellow”, and addressing Mr Sunak directly said: “Treat pensioners fairly and with some compassion; if you want our support then keep your promises.”

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