Pension savers could ‘boost’ retirement income in their 50s and 60s – how to do it

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Individuals who are approaching retirement will have the matter at the forefront of their mind. Many are coming close to actualising the plans they may have developed over a number of years.

However, it is important to ensure one is on track to achieve their financial goals – namely the retirement they had hoped for.

At this point, it will be important for Britons to both protect and boost their pension income. spoke exclusively to Karen Barrett, CEO and founder of Unbiased, who shed more light on the matter. 

She said: “As a guide, if you’re less than 15 years away from retirement, it’s a good idea to start moving some of your pension.

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“This will make sure you are maximising your pension pot in time for retirement.”

In addition, the Government also offers the service Pension Wise.

The service provides free and impartial pensions guidance about retirement options to over 55s.

Individuals will be able to book their free appointment online should they need further guidance on the matter. 


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