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Oops! Angela Merkel 'offended' Joe Biden before crunch White House meeting


During, what was very likely Ms Merkel’s last visit to the Oval Office as the Chancellor, the German leader and Mr Biden discussed a number of issues including the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and the COVID-19 pandemic. But, an expert has claimed that Ms Merkel “offended” President Biden before he even took office.

Stephan- Götz Richter, the editor-in-chief of the online magazine The Globalist, said: “Ms Merkel has always been very careful to get along well with good US presidents.

“The current problem is: Even before Biden took office, she offended him with the conclusion of the EU-China treaty, the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.

“And she made this move against a US government which, thanks to Joe Biden and his foreign minister Antony Blinken, is probably the most European-friendly that we will probably see.”

According to Mr Richter, Ms Merkel has always emphasized her connection with the United States.

That, however, has changed towards the end of her tenure as the German Chancellor.

Mr Richter said: “The fact that when it comes to Nord Stream 2, she basically placed herself at an equidistant between the USA and Russia and is also taking a counter course when it comes to China, is a surprising development – also for the Americans.

“It is irritating that Merkel attaches so little importance to the idea of freedom that she repeatedly propagates, especially when it comes to China, but rather focuses on the interests of the German automotive industry.”

The expert added that Ms Merkel has caused “great disappointment” in Washington with many Americans believing that Germany no longer endorses the position of “their best ally”.

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“As for their potential successor, the Americans are watching with great concern the appeasement-oriented talk of Armin Laschet, even when he says he was first and foremost a European.

“For the transatlantic relationship, this means in case of doubt: Everything will continue as before.

“There is no close alliance, even though this could have been expected, especially after Donald Trump.”

During the meeting on Thursday afternoon, Mr Biden said that it was a “great pleasure” to welcome Ms Merkel back.

He added: “She has been to the Oval Office many times.

“She’s a great friend, a personal friend and a friend of the United States.”

The German Chancellor replied that she was “delighted” to visit the US capital again.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg. 

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