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OnlyFans model flung into air in terrifying caught-on-video car crash


Horrifying video captured the moment a car driven by an alleged drunk driver struck an OnlyFans model in Wales as she was walking her dog with her husband.

Finley Taylor, 27, was lucky to survive but suffered gruesome injuries when the Citroen plowed into her going 40 mph in Ammanford on Sunday, The Sun reported.

Her hubby, Eddie, 28, also was struck but suffered only bruises and scratches. Their pooch, a King Charles Cavalier named Walter, was unhurt.

Taylor, who took the brunt of the hit, was flung in the air by the white car — which mounted the curb and left her with significant bruising and a gash that required 15 stitches.

Finley Taylor
Taylor has been left unable to work due to her injuries
Finley Taylor/The Sun/News Licen
Taylor was left with stitches from the accident.
Finley Taylor/The Sun/News License

The driver, Emily Down, 27, was arrested after passers-by stopped her and took her keys when she allegedly attempted to flee.

A spokeswoman for Dyfed-Powys police said Down was charged with drunken driving, driving and failing to stop after a road accident and “driving a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a license.”

Meanwhile, the model on the adult website has been left unable to work by the injuries.

“The footage is shocking. I got lucky. She mounted the pavement and plowed into me. I flipped through the air. It tore my leg open and the fat came out of it. I really thought I was going to die, I told my husband his face was the last thing I wanted to see,” Taylor told The Sun.

“I make adult content online, so nobody is going to want to see me right now as I am,” the model continued.

Finley Taylor
Taylor said she is temporarily unable to work due to the bodily damage suffered from the incident.
Finley Taylor/The Sun/News License

“You kind of need a range of movement for what I do. My fans have been so supportive about it.”

Taylor said her husband held her hand “for three hours” as she waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Now she is worried Down won’t be punished accordingly.

Finley Taylor with her husband and dog
Taylor’s husband and dog were luckily unharmed in the incident.
Finley Taylor/The Sun/News License

“I feel that the police are refusing to investigate this crime properly. We are told that she will most likely get a 12-month driving ban and a fine,” Taylor told The Sun.

Police allegedly told Taylor there was no surveillance of the accident, but a local pub gave it to her after she asked herself, she claimed.

Meanwhile, Down was released on bail and is due to appear at Llanelli magistrate’s court July 1.

“I hope that by sharing my story, tougher sentencing may take place in my situation, people may think twice about drink driving. I don’t want her to just get away with a fine,” Taylor said.

“I got lucky. I survived with pain, bruising, swelling, cuts and significant mental trauma and flashbacks,” she said. “The next person she hits will be killed. I survived by sheer dumb luck.”

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