Oklahoma's abortion law would be the most 'cruel' yet for women, health care groups say

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  • The Oklahoma bill would make performing an abortion a felony, subject to a potential 10-year prison term.
  • Both the Oklahoma legislation and an earlier Texas ban illustrate how each state’s abortion policy can have ramifications beyond its borders.
  • In the last four months of 2021, 45% of Texans traveling out of state for abortion care went to northern neighbor Oklahoma.

When a Texas law prohibiting abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy took effect in September, Oklahoma became the biggest out-of-state destination for Texans seeking to terminate pregnancies.

That option could soon disappear after the Oklahoma Legislature’s passage of a near-total abortion ban, among the most restrictive in the nation. The bill advanced Tuesday needs only the signature of Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt, who has said he would sign all abortion restrictions, to become law.


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