Now's the time to snap up the BEST tech deals for your home during the Amazon Early Access sale

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Is your home as smart as it can be? If not, now’s the time to snap up the BEST tech deals for your living space during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale, from Ring doorbells to NEST thermostats

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It’s never too late to snap up an amazing deal to take your home to the next level. In the 21st century, those opportunities are everywhere you turn — but only during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale can you pick up a variety of home tech deals without worrying about your wallet.

For just a few more hours, you can snap up outstanding deals on tech gear for the home. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on these clever products that will transform your space — and the way you live.

Every home should be equipped with a smart doorbell that puts your security first. 

With the Ring in place, you’ll feel a greater sense of calm knowing that you can keep an eye on everything that’s happening in the outside world — and that allows you to remotely communicate with anyone that’s on your doorstep, too. 

At this price, it’s an investment you’ll never regret. 


Take your comfort into overdrive with a thermostat that learns your temperature preferences over time — and that helps you save money on your energy bills in the process. 

It will turn down on its own when you leave the house, and it’s also compatible with Alexa for greater hands-free convenience. If you haven’t yet plunged into the world of smart thermostats, now is definitely the time. 


You won’t find savings this good on the Echo Dot for long. 

This bundle also includes the Amazon Smart Plug, so you can quickly get started building a smart home that’s up to date with modern conventions. 

Use voice control to do it all, from listening to the news to checking headlines to setting an alarm clock to controlling your other smart home devices. 


Make quick work of any mess with the smart vacuum that was voted one of the industry’s best. 

The reasons are clear: it’s sleek, it’s quiet, and it relies on BoostIQ technology to clean up even the toughest messes. 

You can even rely on it to clean for up to 100 minutes on your hardwood floors — and it won’t scratch surfaces either. 


Take your home’s security in a better direction by setting up this smart camera inside. It allows you to easily monitor anything that’s going on in your home at any given time, offering the benefits of on-site motion detection, a two-way intercom, and even night vision. 

It’s great whether you have safety concerns or you simply want to keep a watchful eye on the kids or an elderly loved one. 


If you’re not yet immersed in the world of smart lighting, are you really living? This wireless lamp is just as functional as it is fashionable, offering the cool factor with its range of dimmable colors — and the ability to control it with just the tap of a button using your smartphone. 

Relying on LED light, it minimizes harsh glares and is adjustable for any space in the home, from the bedroom to your office. 


Is it time to update your home’s locks? If that’s the case, make it a smart system and you’ll feel an even greater sense of security knowing your property is doubly protected. 

This next-generation system relies on fingerprint technology, but can also be opened with a key, a smartphone, a wireless fob, a passcode, or a key card. That type of versatility sets it apart from virtually every other lock on the market. 


There are few smart cameras that are garage-specific, but this one is — and it’s well worth the deeply discounted price. 

After all, there are few things more valuable than your vehicle, along with the other potentially costly items you keep in the garage. With a magnetic mounting base, it’s easy to attach to a garage door opener or a shelf. 


There’s nothing more important than your safety, and you’ll feel added peace of mind knowing you’ve got a high-quality system in place. 

eufy Security is a leader in this field, providing the benefits of 360-degree panning plus tilting coverage — with no risk of dealing with blind spots. With heightened color awareness and the ability to record anyone it detects, it brings the ultimate in home security to your property. 


Talk about a modern-day invention. This light bulb connects to your home’s Wi-Fi. Using the Kasa Smart app, you can control the light from virtually anywhere you might be. 

Dim it with the tap of a button, setting things up for movie night with the family. Or turn it up in the morning to help the kids get up for the early school run. 



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