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New EU speed limiters set to launch in the UK next year may not work on every road


The European Commission report found Intelligent Speed Assistant (ISA) tools generally worked better on “fixed” road limits. They said “location-dependent” speed limits should also work fine with the new technology when it is introduced.

However, tests have previously suggested the ISA tools were not accurate on every journey.

German drivers organisation ADAC has previously found the ISA tool on the Ford S-Max was only accurate 90 percent of the time.

In 2017, Mobileye told the European Parliament the tools would only have a 95 percent accuracy rate in most countries.

A road test using ISA tools by AutoCar found the system was “slow to respond” on a handful of occasions.

The report said drivers could become more frustrated with the tools or may become “over-confident”.

Drivers could become reliant on the speed limits set by the system instead of observing real-time circumstances.

The tool is expected to launch in the UK next year even though we are no longer part of the European Union.

Some EU driving laws have already been transferred to the UK, while manufacturers usually demand similar rules to allow for easy trade.

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