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New block will stop you watching Sky TV, Netflix and Prime Video for free


If you tune-in to illegal streams of Sky TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to watch for free, you’ve likely seen your go-to pirate service shut down in recent days. Hundreds of illegal IPTV (internet protocol TV) domains with access to free content have been shuttered.

While there a number of websites that offer free access to series, movies, and sport fixtures, there are a growing number of IPTV services that bundle together a number of these streams. This content is all supplied at a low monthly fee to tempt subscribers away from legitimate providers, like Sky, BT TV, and Virgin Media.

At the price you pay illegal IPTV providers, you’re effectively getting free access to a number of paid-for services. To help combat this scourge, rights holders have joined forces to form the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). This global coalition features big names such as Netflix, Amazon and the BBC.

One way that ACE helps combat internet piracy is by gathering evidence on pirate operations, and then approaching those running it with two options – either shut down or face dire consequences.

If the internet pirates choose the latter, they could still end up having to close up shop, in addition to any other penalties.

In the past few years, over 200 IPTV domains have been handed over to the ACE as piracy operations were shutdown. However, in the past few weeks things have stepped up a notch – with TorrentFreak reporting that more than three dozen IPTV domains have been seized by the ACE during that period.

A number of these IPTV domains are believed to be linked to one single operator that was promoting the illicit services on Reddit. These domains are Abon-sat.com, abon-iptv-ott.com, king-platinum-iptv.com, electrotv-sat.com, electro-tvsat.com, electro-tv-sat.com, electrotvsat.net, electro-tv-sat.net, king-premium-iptv.com, king-platinum-iptv.com and salah-sat.com.

If you visit these websites you’ll now be greeted by an ACE warning that says: “This website is no longer available due to copyright infringement. Do not put yourself at risk by using or subscribing to illicit streaming services.”

Elsewhere, the King-platinum-iptv.com website – which claimed to offer over 17,000 channels – has been shutdown as has volkatvpro2.com and volkatv-pro2.com which previously broadcast Sky Sports content.

Another IPTV service that fallen foul to the ACE’s anti-piracy measures is Juice TV, which offered access to live sports content, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more from $4.99 a month.

All websites related to the illicit Juice TV service have now been shuttered by the ACE.

As always, if you’re looking to avoid coming into the crosshairs of anti-piracy bodies the best thing to do is simply pay for subscriptions services legitimately and fairly.

Not only does that mean you won’t be risking any potential consequences further down the line, but it means the money will be going towards the correct people – the script writers, the cast, the directors, the crew, the location scouts, the CGI artists, sound engineers, the marketing departments, and everyone else involved.

Without the hundreds of millions of people who pay for Netflix, a number of the biggest shows, like global sensation Squid Game, wouldn’t be possible.

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