‘Never fails!’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘cheap’ way to remove shower screen limescale

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Limescale is caused by naturally occurring minerals in hard water, leaving a chalky white residue on wet surfaces. While limescale is almost impossible to avoid around showers, taps and kettles, there are plenty of speedy remedies which can clean unpleasant calcium stains effectively. Fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch have taken to social media to detail how to use white vinegar to remove limescale from shower screens.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tip Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on a method to remove limescale from her shower that “actually works”.

Catherine Hayter wrote: “I need a limescale remover that actually works on shower screens to remove white water marks please.

“I’ve even rubbed a lemon on and it’s not shifting it. Help!”

Removing limescale from your property can seem like a losing battle when it continues to return time after time. 

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“May take a few goes if the limescale build up is bad and not done regularly.”

Valarie Sparks wrote: “My husband always uses white vinegar followed by a tea towel to dry it off and make it shine. He swears that it never fails.”

Carol Legg advised: “Use white vinegar to take it off! When you finaly get it clean, I suggest you wipe down the screen after each shower.

“I always wipe down the walls over the bath or shower room, with my bath towel! Clean as a new pin after every use now.”

Teresa Coates agreed: “White vinegar works a treat. Used to use Viakal but white vinegar works better.”

Chrissie Betts added: “I’ve tried a lot of methods to clean my shower screen, but the most effective and cheap I’ve found is to use your standard household white vinegar.”

The household staple can be purchased from Tesco for as little as 29p.

White vinegar is one of the most effective household remedies for cleaning limescale-ridden surfaces.

The acidic liquid can melt away hard water and limescale stains with a simple soak.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested pairing white vinegar with baking soda to remove limescale build up from shower screens.

Dawn Satchell said: “I make a paste white vinegar and baking powder, then smear over the shower and put kitchen paper over top. 

“Leave it to sit for a couple of hours then pour more vinegar over it and rinse.”

Susan Jenkins suggested: “Mix one part white vinegar with one part baking soda and two parts water in a spray bottle. 

“Shake and spray, then leave on for a while then wash off and polish dry. If it’s really bad you could use white vinegar neat.”


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