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'Never believed in the whole Kate copying Meghan until now': Fans spot striking similarity


Kate Middleton looked stylish in a red coat and black hat for the annual St. David’s Day parade for the Welsh Guards. She wore a black hat that looked very similar to one worn by the Duchess of Sussex in the past.

Stylist and fashion expert Miranda addressed the look. She said: “You spotted it. The eagle-eyed among you have told me quite rightly that the hat Kate Middleton was wearing to the St David’s Day Military Parade is very similar to the one Meghan Markle was wearing in 2018 for Christmas.”

Kate wore a hat from London-based milliner Juliette Botterill. The pillbox-style hat had a bow and two black feathers.

Juliette Botterill creates her hats at her Wimbledon studio, offering her “bespoke couture service where designs can be customised to match and complement specific outfits.”

Kate’s hat appears to be a bespoke version of the £600 Flower & Feather Teardrop with a bow and two quills. Meghan, on the other hand, wore a hat from Awon Golding on Christmas Day, 2018. Awon Goldin is a London-based milliner of Anglo-Indian.

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Her hats have also been worn by Dita Von Teese, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, and Priyanka Chopra. Meghan wore the Vika hat from the brand, which was £420.

Does the stylist think the Princess of Wales is copying the Duchess of Sussex? Miranda said: “Just to clear this up right at the beginning of the video, no I do not think Kate was copying Meghan With royal etiquette, it’s just natural that two women are going to occasionally wear similar outfits. That’s it.”

But, Miranda did make an interesting observation. She said: “What is curious to me though is that Meghan was wearing this hat when she was in her blending into the background phase and not wanting to either compete with another member of the family or stand out in any way.

“In other words, she chose an accessory that wasn’t overly memorable on purpose, which brings me back to my opinion of Kate’s look and in fact many of her looks recently. She is of course elegant and immaculate but I am finding them a little bit unexciting.

“I think it’s perfectly possible to look elegant and refined and regal and still keep us on our fashion-loving toes. So although I absolutely adore Kate, at the moment I kind of feel she could do better.”

Miranda’s fashion fans also chimed in. One Cacy Cardall wrote: “When I see people say Meghan or Kate are copying each other it’s like so many women have similar outfits and the same or similar hats lol.”

Another wrote: “Ok, I never believed in the whole Kate copying Meghan until now.”

Brooke wrote: “Why is Kate stealing MM fashion contacts?”




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