'My kids love it': Mum defends hanging body bag on home in 'gruesome' Halloween display

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A mum has defended putting up a Halloween display featuring a body bag hanging from her windows only a mile away from where a notorious triple child killer struck. Collette Alldrett, 39, slammed criticism of the display after critics argued they were “in bad taste” and “scaring kids.”

David McGreavy was dubbed the ‘Monster of Worcester’ and was released in 2019 having served 45 years in prison provoking fury in the local community.

Some neighbours have argued that Ms Alldrett’s display is “too over the top”and “gruesome” given the area’s history.

In contrast, others have argued that “it’s time to move on” and that the display is just a “bit of fun” in the build up to Halloween.

Ms Alldrett argues that most people love her display and she always decorates the front of her house with her four children.

However, the school worker and cleaner did admit that the two life-sized body bags pinned to the exterior walls had been grapping people’s attention but she didn’t realise they were dividing opinion.

She said: “There will always be people who have to say something horrible or nasty when others try to do nice things to make others smile.

“But everyone seems to love them.

“Most people are curious to know how they are made.

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However, one anonymous neighbour branded the display “sick” and “sinister.”

They said: “I don’t think having body bags hanging from the walls is funny at all. It’s just a bit sick.

“I don’t celebrate Halloween myself, I think it’s a bit ridiculous.

“I think the display is sinister and will scare kids but that’s just my opinion.”

However, another neighbour defended the display adding: “I think people need to stop being so up themselves.

“It’s time to get over the McGreavy case, it happened a long time ago.

“They are clearly just a bit of fun for Halloween.”

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