Mum, 23, charged with child abuse after 'leaving baby at home in afternoon to booze'

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Clare Margaret Meacham, 23, was arrested on Thursday on charges of child abuse and driving under the influence at around 2.20pm after police received calls about a possible drunk driver.

Once the mum was in handcuffs, she told police that her five-month-old baby may be at home alone, according to court documents seen by CBS 5.

Officers heard a baby crying from outside of the home in east Mesa before they entered and found the five-month-old child alone.

The baby girl had allegedly been alone for more than two hours before officers arrived.

Police called the Department of Child Safety and a family member later took the child.

Doorbell cam footage appeared to showed Meacham leaving her house 12.44pm. She allegedly told police she had left her baby in her crib.

Meacham claimed that she did not remember anything that had occurred, according to court documents.

According to local media reports, she lives alone with the child and no one has access to the home except for her mother.

She was arrested on drunk driving and child abuse charges.

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