Motorist fuming after Asda driver reversed into car before driving off

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Paul Barker, 40, claimed that the Asda delivery driver did not even leave a note after colliding with his Audi A3 outside his home in Bromley, southeast London earlier this month. The incident was caught on another driver’s dashcam.

The video shows a driver reversing their white Asda van into Mr Barker’s parked car.

The impact caused the corner of the vehicle to smash into the driver’s side window.

The van appears to have been travelling too quickly and collides heavily with the A3, which costs up to £30,000 new.

Mr Barker said: “Asda has been useless.

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The news comes after a Land Rover driver was fined £1,000 after helmet camera footage caught a cyclist falling off his bike as the vehicle passed.

The footage was shot from a helmet camera and showed one of a group of cyclists toppling into the ditch after a Land Rover Defender drove past.

Paul Nigel Miley, 52, was driving a Defender when he tried to overtake a group of cyclists on a single track road, injuring one of them.

The driver, of Ashby St Ledger, pleaded guilty at Northampton Magistrates’ Court this month.

He was also handed a fine of £1,008.

Police explained Mr Miley should have come to a stop to let the cyclists pass by his vehicle.


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