'Most haunted place in Scotland!' Queen Mother's childhood home opens doors for Halloween

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The Queen Mother’s childhood home is one of the most haunted places in Scotland and will be opening its doors this Halloween. With the Grampian mountains in the background and fairytale-like castle towers, Glamis Castle in Angus is an enchanting sight. However, the royal residence is thought is be the haunting grounds of at least nine ghosts, and is known for having many spooky stories. 

Glamis Castle was the former childhood home of the Queen Mother and was the birthplace of Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret.

William Shakespeare is thought to have used the castle for the Scottish play, Macbeth, which is said to be one of the spookiest stories of the Bard.

It has been home to the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne and also to the Lyon family.

However, since the beginning, the castle has been rumoured to have supernatural occurrences.

It was originally meant to be built on top of a nearby hill and during its construction builders would arrive every day to discover their work destroyed as stones would be broken as well as scattered around the area.

The story goes that one day the builders heard a voice which said: “Build not on this enchanted spot, where man hath neither part nor lot, but build down in yonder bog, where it will neither shake nor shog!”

After that, a new site on flatter land was found to build the castle.

Famous ghosts that wander the halls of Glamis Castle include the Tongueless Woman, who has allegedly been sighted on the grounds pointing to her face as blood spills from her mouth.

Legend says the Tongueless Woman discovered a terrible secret of the Earl and when she threatened to expose it the nobleman had her killed with her tongue cut out.

There is also the Grey Lady, who was burnt at the stake for witchcraft and has reportedly been seen in the family chapel.

She is said to have been Lady Janet Douglas, who was the wife of the sixth Lord of Glamis, John Lyon.

The Grey Lady was accused of witchcraft by James VI and I, who was often called the “wisest fool” due to his interest in the study of witchcraft and the witch hunts that followed during his reign.

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This Halloween, Glamis Castle will be opening its doors for a special tour to celebrate the spooky season.

A tour guide will take guests brave enough to trek the halls after dark and tell them even more ghost stories about the castle.

There will be lighting, sound effects and even “ghostly figures” wandering around to give visitors a fright.

General Manager at Glamis Castle Steven Cumming said: “As one of Scotland’s oldest castles, the dramatic stories of the Ghosts of Glamis are legendary.

“It’s the ideal place for those looking to celebrate Halloween this year.

“The combination of the spooky stories, told brilliantly by our talented tour guides, and incredible effects as brave visitors walk through the castle will thrill and chill in equal measure.”

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