Mordaunt launches slick campaign video as she scrambles to catch up with Boris and Rishi

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Penny Mordaunt, Conservative MP and leadership hopeful, has sought to connect with voters with a slick new campaign video. Ms Mordaunt is the only candidate so far to officially enter the race. However, Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson, who have both remained quiet on the leadership front, have amassed more support among Tory MPs than Ms Mordaunt.

Ms Mordaunt’s video, released earlier this morning, seeks to show “the real me” to voters.

In the two-minute-long clip, Ms Mordaunt retraces her origins in Portsmouth and her political principles.

She hails Portsmouth as a “patriotic and passionate” place which taught her “a lot”.

The MP adds: “People in Portsmouth enjoy a pie and a pint, and frankly so do I.”

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In her closing remarks, she tells viewers: “I joined the Conservative Party because I believed in its principles and its values.

“There are many people out there who think they know me, like they think they know you.

“But ask yourself, do they understand the life you live? Have they experienced it?

“Will they make that experience count? I have and I will.”

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