Moment huge Christmas bauble rolls down central London road as wind knocks it down

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A video has since gone viral showing the massive silver and white festive decorations hurtling down London’s Tottenham Court Road narrowly avoiding passings cars. One Christmas bauble strikes a lamppost before pinging off-road and slamming against a tree. 

The spheres are believed to have come free from Christmas displays after strong winds blew them loose.

Motorists driving down Tottenham Court Road on Tuesday evening were confronted with the bizarre sight and were forced slow down. 

One ball’s silver wrapping was torn off in dramatic fashion as the bauble hurtled along the road. 

Elsewhere a car narrowly avoided another of spheres, making a sharp turn as a bauble just cleared the top of the vehicle before continuing on. 


The wayward baubles were reportedly recovered not long after and the road was cleared.

It comes as wet and gusty conditions are expected to linger as much of the nation continues to feel the effects of Storm Claudio.

The French storm brought plenty of wind and rain for the UK on Tuesday, with the Met Office warning much of the same is forecast for Wednesday.

A yellow warning for rain is in place for southern Scotland from 10am until 6pm and Northern Ireland from 8am until 3pm.

The Met Office warns delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport are likely while short-term loss of power is also a possibility.

Mr Armstrong added: “Much of the UK can expect a spell of strong southerly winds on Wednesday, but the warning area highlights where gusts of up to 65mph will be and therefore where there are likely to be some travel delays.”

The surreal incident took place the evening before thousands of visitors are expected to head to nearby Oxford Street for the annual Christmas light switch-on.


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