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Models grilled after recreating infamous ‘Butt Squad’ stunt in Turkey


A group of Ukrainian of models reportedly landed in hot water in Turkey, where they decided to recreate the infamous “Butt Squad” photoshoot in Dubai – this time by baring it all on a luxury boat.

Julia Vetrova, 23, one of the six women grilled by police, told East2West News that they knew it was “better not to do naked pics in Muslim countries” but wanted to “make our own mistakes.”

The models are seen in a variety of nude poses on the boat plying the waters of Göcek Bay, East2West reported, citing Turkish newspaper Lider, which said they intended to “mirror” the high-rise balcony debacle in Dubai.

“Two of them were just making love,” a witness was quoted as saying.

Lider said in its report that “the emergence of such an image during the lockdown and the month of Ramadan caused a great indignation.”

Naked models lined up on a Dubai balcony.
The infamous “Butt Squad” photo taken in Dubai.

One of the models who was on the boat, identified as Julia Vetrova, posted a video message saying: “As we know, it is better not to do naked pics in Muslim countries,” East2West News reported.

“We understood this after the (Dubai) case with the balcony. But in fact we must make our own mistakes, to learn the lesson for sure,” she said.

Six female models and one man aboard a boat.
The models took a variety of nude photos on the boat in Göcek Bay.

“That is, if you want to do a naked photo in Turkey or other Muslim countries, do not do this — or only with maximum secrecy,” Vetrova said.

Two naked models in an embrace on a boat.
One of the pictures from the boat photoshoot.
social media/east2west news

“We took pics with the girls and were filmed from another yacht. Somehow it ended up in a newspaper. We were detained by police. All is good now, but we were interrogated and it is not very pleasant,” she added.

Three other models were identified as Veronika Kurgan, 21, Diana Pogorelaya, 20, and Ruslana Kovkova, 21, Another was named Snezhana, according to East2West News.

Ukrainian models posing and taking pictures on a boat.
“Do not do this,” model Julia Vetrova warned others.

All six are believed to have returned to Kyiv after being questioned by local authorities.

Anastasia Kashuba, 20, who was on the X-rated Dubai trip, said the women had traveled to Turkey to “repeat after us and arrange a party in order to also be lit up all over the world.”

A nude model poses on the side of a boat.
One of the models poses in a photo taken in Turkey.
social media/east2west news

“I also should have gone to this party, but I just applied too late,” she said, adding that she and other models from Dubai now “have a lot of fun here in Kyiv, and we love to be famous all over the world.”

Anastasia Kashuba.
Anastasia Kashuba was in the Dubai photoshoot and was almost part of the Turkey shoot.

Vitaliy Grechin, the Ukrainian American playboy who was detained in Dubai for posting the original “Butt Squad,” has admitted that the event in the conservative country was a “mistake.”

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