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Model reveals chilling texts from jilted ex who hacked accounts


A 24-year-old Polish model dumped her UK boyfriend, who took revenge by hacking her bank account in a bid to ruin her financially — and inundated her with threatening, hate-filled text messages, according to a report.

The jilted Nick Doyle, who admitted to harassment and spent two years in the slammer, managed to seize control of Dagmara Kita’s IP address and hacked into her bank and social media accounts, The Sun reported.

“F— with me and I promise you’ll regret it,” the cad snarled in one chilling missive.

Kita later received a notice from her bank that thousands of pounds had been pulled from her account, according to the news outlet.

Doyle also warned his ex against fleeing back to her native country.

”Right my little petal — I have been able to watch all your s—. I have your bank logins and I have your Snapchat logins. Try f—- march mate.,” he wrote in one of the unhinged texts.

”I’m gonna sink your credit score, I’m gonna debt your teeth out your, I’ll drain your bank accounts. Believe me you won’t be able to use your wi-fi without me knowing f—- all,” Doyle wrote.

”I promise you, swear on my unborn nephew’s life I’m gonna ruin you to the point you won’t go to Poland.”

Doyle was arrested after Kita told police how she had received a torrent of threatening phone calls and described how he had trailed her movements by logging into her accounts.

Dagmara Kita
Kita says she was still harassed by her ex even after she fled to Poland.
Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd

“Nick made my life a misery and I’m so glad he was brought to justice, but I feel our legal and justice system needs to change,” said Kita, who has now spoken out about her ordeal.

”After I reported Nick, police kept me updated but because he was only making threats and hadn’t actually acted on any of them, they said there was nothing they could do which allowed him to continue his reign of terror. It was terrifying and I lived in constant fear for my life,” she said.

Kita entered into a relationship with Doyle in 2015 but broke up with him in 2019 after he punched a wall in their home during an argument about saving up for a mortgage, The Sun reported.

“I was terrified. I’d worked hard to become an area manager at Café Nero and didn’t want him to undo all my hard work or tarnish my reputation,” Kita said.

“But he did turn up at work and told me: ‘You’ve left me with nothing, so ignore me and I’ll ruin your f—- life,’” she said, adding: “I called the police and Nick was cautioned but it didn’t stop him.”

The woman said that she tried blocking Doyle but that he created new accounts and “even pretended to be a police officer so that I’d call him.”

She said that even when she fled to Poland, the man kept harassing her.

“Even in a completely different country I felt totally violated by him,” she said.

When she returned to the UK, Doyle began “stalking” her again, saying: “I know you’re home, I can see your shadow.”

Doyle was eventually arrested and bailed on condition that he wouldn’t contact her – but he called her again and broke out into “maniacal laughter.”

Finally, he was thrown behind bars, ending the woman’s ordeal.

Doyle’s lawyer Adam Watkins said: “He took the end of the relationship badly and turned to drugs. He says he is ashamed of his actions and wants his victim to recover and lead a happy life.”

But Judge Elizabeth Nicholls told Doyle: “There is no doubt that your conduct has had a profound impact on her, as she genuinely believed that her life was threatened and was in constant fear.” Doyle has been barred from ever contacting Kita again.

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