Michael Mosley wife Dr Clare Bailey: Wean off sweets to lose weight – low carb cake recipe

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Dr. Clare Bailey creates the recipes to support her husband Dr. Michael Mosley’s diet plan, Fast 800. She is the creator of all the recipes in the popular diet books.

The couple follows a low-carb diet, the kind of diet that can make satiating and sweet tooth rather difficult.

However, low-carb recipes such as those appropriate on the keto diet have been shown in studies to aid fast weight loss.

One of Clare’s most important diet tips is to “reduce your sweet tooth.”

Dr. Clare said: “Do wean yourself off artificial sweeteners (and sugars obviously) as soon as you can.

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The cake went down a treat with her family, Clare said.

She went on: “Michael liked it and my son too, but agreed it needs amending!

“It’s a good season for luscious sweet blood oranges, but any orange will do.

“The Fast 800 books, including the Fast 800 Keto, all have a selection of yummy low carb treats.”

Dr. Clare also recently detailed her keto breakfast recipe. 

She said: “You can have a filling breakfast on this diet including bacon, eggs, sausage, and mushrooms on the Keto Diet.”

Eating most of your calories in the morning is also suggested by Clare.

She said: “This is because these early calories are more likely to be burned up when you are active, whereas eating later in the day is more likely to be stored as fat.

“So, have a good filling breakfast and lunch, with a light evening meal.”


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