Meghan 'wants return to acting' after mentions of Suits career in new interview – claim

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Meghan Markle could potentially return to her past career of acting, a royal expert has claimed. In her latest bombshell interview with Variety, according to royal expert Neil Sean, the 41-year-old mentioned her past role “seven times in total”. Speaking on a recent video on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean claimed that an unnamed person, who was working on the set of Meghan’s latest inteview, has said that the duchess could be set to make a “return to acting”.

“According to a very good source, working on that particular project, and as ever we have to say allegedly, Meghan does want to return to acting.

“But, naturally, on her terms.”

He stated that her role on Suits was the “biggest thing that happened to her in her acting career”.

The royal expert added: “According to that very good source, as I say working on that particular project, Meghan had hoped by saying that she didn’t think she’d wish to return back to acting full-time, she is simply muting out there the idea that possibly if the right offer came along, she would consider it.”

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Since the Variety interview was released, Meghan is reported to have “channelled” actress Julia Roberts, with Mr Sean stating that Meghan “would love to star in a very much inspired Julia Roberts style rom-com”.

He added that this is evident in the photographs and footage collected for the interview which showed her “goofy [and] fun” side.

Mr Sean concluded by stating that Meghan may be “through with acting certain roles, like that of a Duchess over here in the United Kingdom”.

Although if a role came up in Hollywood, particularly for a romantic comedy, Meghan “will be back, once again, in front of a very filtered spotlight”.

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As well as her role in Suits, Meghan recently spoke out about her first-ever acting experience on the US version of Deal or No Deal.

On the sixth episode of her podcast Archetypes, Meghan discussed feeling like a “bimbo” on the set of the show.

On the episode, Meghan said: “I didn’t like feeling forced to be all looks. And little substance.

“And that’s how it felt for me at the time being reduced to this specific archetype – the word bimbo.”


She recalled that after filming she would leave “with this pit in her [my] stomach” because of the treatment she and her fellow castmates would receive.

Meghan appeared on the US version of Deal or No Deal during its second season in 2006.

The Duchess of Sussex said she and other members of the cast were made to “line up” ahead of the show to receive different beauty treatments, including “padding your bra”. 

Since Meghan made these claims, a fellow briefcase model, who appeared on the show alongside Meghan, has spoken out and claimed that there was “no bra station”.


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