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Meghan McCain was the wild card that made ‘The View’ an unpredictable — and exhausting — rollercoaster


McCain seldom got as squishy as her fellow panelists; for a “View” star, she was conspicuously stingy with details about her domestic life. (Given what a lightning rod her husband — Ben Domenech, the publisher of the right-wing site the Federalist — is himself, I don’t blame her for not giving her opponents more fodder.) But in most other respects, McCain felt very much herself, for better and for worse: smart, snotty, cranky, wonky, sharp-elbowed, self-absorbed, well-connected, even cosmopolitan, in her own sheltered way. She didn’t speak for all Republicans, describing herself as a conservative first and a GOP member second, nor did she seem to care much for a natural ally like never-Trumper Ana Navarro, a weekly guest co-host. (McCain made headlines in 2019 for asking Navarro why, given her pro-DACA stance, she’s even a Republican.)

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