Meghan Markle warned King Charles 'bewildered' over 'hurtful' Sussex comments

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s “hurtful” comments about the Royal Family have left King Charles III feeling “betrayed”, according to a royal author. Christopher Andersen, who has just written ‘The King: The Life of Charles III’ set to be released next month, believes the late Queen was “used to handling” the Sussexes behaviour – who was not thrown “as much as it has thrown Charles”. Mr Andersen spoke following recent high profile interviews by Meghan and the emergence of new details about Harry’s own book, Spare, due to be released in January.

Meghan and Harry made headlines in March 2021 following their interview with Oprah Winfrey, which included a number of claims made against the royal institution.

The Royal Family took the rare step of issuing a public statement, which said: “Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members.”

More recently, in August, Meghan made comments about the Royal Family during an interview with US magazine, The Cut. 

The Duchess told the reporter that it’s not easy to “forgive” when asked if there was room for forgiveness between her, the Royal Family and her own family.

She said: “I think forgiveness is really important. It takes a lot more energy to not forgive.

“But it takes a lot of effort to forgive. I’ve really made an active effort, especially knowing that I can say anything.”

Speaking to US Weekly, Mr Andersen said: “I don’t think it threw her [the Queen] as much as it has thrown at Charles, and understandably so, because this is his son and the daughter-in-law who [have] said some pretty hurtful things and understandably so, because this is his son and the daughter-in-law who [have] said some pretty hurtful things.”

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Mr Andersen added:”I think — as far as the Charles is concerned, specifically — you know, he feels betrayed. I mean, he really was very fond of her. And I think he’s somewhat bewildered.”

In the interview with The Cut, the Duchess, 41, also referred to Harry’s strained ties with his father.

“Harry said to me, ‘I lost my dad in this process.’ It doesn’t have to be the same for them as it was for me, but that’s his decision,” she told the magazine, referring to her father Thomas Markle. 

Following the conversation, a spokesperson for the Duchess clarified that she was referring to losing her own estranged father and saying that she hopes this does not happen to Harry and Charles.

Prince Harry is expected to divulge more information about life in the Firm in his highly anticipated memoir.

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