Meghan Markle 'relegates Prince Harry to background' with specific label in new interview

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Royal experts discussed Meghan’s new interview on the latest episode of Palace Confidential, claiming that Meghan is “relegating” Prince Harry to the “background” with her subtle mentions of him.

Speaking of the Duchess of Sussex, The Mail on Sunday’s assistant editor Kate Mansey said: “[Meghan] will know that everybody will know who she’s talking about without her having to say Harry or, you know, Haz, as she’s called him in the past.

“[or] H, or Haz, it changes.”

Also speaking on the show, the Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden said: “It does relegate him to the background a bit though.”

He added: “We’ve seen it this week with more, you know, big stories from her Archetypes series.

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“When they announced that for Spotify, it was very much Harry and Meghan, they did a joint programme.

“But instead, we’ve seen it’s just her doing her show with Harry not involved at all.”

Speaking on how certain members of the Royal Family refer to their partners, Ms Mansey said: “[King Charles III] doesn’t say Queen Consort and he doesn’t say Camilla.

“It’s very rare.

“He would often say ‘my wife’.”

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Discussing speaking to the King and Queen Consort “privately”, she added: “they will talk about ‘my husband’ or ‘my wife’.”

Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior royals in 2020, before settling in California, with their son Archie, soon after. They welcomed their daughter, Lilibet, in the US in 2021.

In April, Meghan and Harry arrived back in Europe for the opening of this year’s Invictus Games.

At the opening ceremony, Meghan welcomed her husband on stage, publicly declared her love for her “incredible” husband, in front of an audience of thousands in the Netherlands.

Meghan praised her husband for his “many late nights and early mornings planning for” the Invictus Games.

She declared, in front of the crowd, that she “could not love and respect him more”

Before Harry walked out in front of the crowd, Meghan concluded: “He’s the founder of the Invictus Games, and the father to our two little ones, Archie and Lili.

“Please welcome my incredible husband, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.”

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