Meghan Markle in bid to shed 'out of touch' label with 'relatable' anecdote in new podcast

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Meghan Markle shared a “relatable” anecdote in her new podcast chat which helped shed her “out of touch” label, royal experts have claimed. The Duchess of Sussex discussed her past role on the US version of Deal or No Deal on the sixth episode of Archetypes. Speaking on a recent episode of Royally Us, hosts Christine Ross and Christina Garibaldi discussed how Meghan recalled several jobs that she previously had that “didn’t really represent what [or] who she wanted to be” in order to dismiss her usual portrayal of being deemed “out of touch”.

Ms Ross said: “[Meghan] spoke a lot about how she was, sort of, broke and like, you know, had a car that would barely run and probably had to take several jobs that weren’t really, you know, that didn’t really represent what [or] who she wanted to be.

“But it, kind of, paid the bills.”

She added: “A lot of us, I think, can relate to that.

“A lot of people can relate to taking a job that you don’t love [and] that you don’t really like what it stands for, but at least it’s a paycheck.”

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Ms Ross added that you can learn from these experiences and know what “you want to do” and what you are “working towards”, so “I thought this was just, kind of, relatable”.

Speaking to Ms Garibaldi, she added that Meghan can sometimes feel a “little out of touch” so it is a “nice reminder” that the 41-year-old did have to “start from the bottom”.

She noted that Meghan did have to “put in the work” to get to “where she is today”.

Ms Garibaldi added: “[Meghan] said that this was basically money to pay for auditions and, like you said, pay for her car to keep running and things like that.”

She concluded that it was a “relatable conversation”.

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In the episode, alongside Paris Hilton, Meghan spoke about her appearance on the US version of Deal or No Deal.

The 41-year-old revealed how she “quit” the show after being valued for “beauty not brains”.

The Duchess of Sussex featured in a couple of seasons, a few years before landing her role in the legal drama Suits.


She went on to say she was “grateful” for her role — one that “paid her bills” while she pursued an acting career.

Meghan recalled that before tapings begun, all the girls would go to “different stations” for eyelashes, extensions or getting “the padding in your bra”.

She noted that they were “given spray tan vouchers each week”, adding that the show “was solely about beauty and not necessarily about brains.”


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