Mechanic who won £108m EuroMillions jackpot admits life of luxury and leisure is 'boring'

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A man who scooped an eye-watering £107.9million jackpot on the EuroMillions had admitted his life of luxury and leisure is “quite boring”. Neil Trotter, from Coulsdon in south London won the massive lottery prize eight years ago in 2014. The Camelot Group, which runs the lottery, often warns winners not to do anything with their jackpot prizes straight away.

Neil, was worked as a mechanic before becoming a millionaire, splashed his cash on a Grade II-listed mansion, complete with its own lake set in 400 acres of land.

He also spent some of his winnings buying a Jaguar and Porsche having owned a Ford Focus.

But since his huge win eight years ago, he quit his job, but has now admitted his life of luxury and leisure was “quite boring”.

Neil said: “Going from having to work to not having to work anymore was quite a strange thing to adjust to. I soon found out that sitting at home watching telly all day was quite boring.”

The former mechanic claimed he always had an inkling that he would become a lottery winner, and even told his friends and family that he would one day score a big win.

Speaking back in 2019, Neil referenced the hit British sitcom Only Fools and Horses, which regularly saw Sir David Jason’s lead character Del Trotter say: “This time next year, we’ll be millionaires.” 

Neil had said: “Being a Trotter, I knew I’d be a millionaire one day – and I somehow knew I’d win the Lottery.

“I used to tell my dad I’d have a house with a lake, and he’d say, ‘In your dreams, son!’

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In the UK, the most recent winners of the biggest EuroMillions jackpot were Joe Thwaite, 49, and his wife Jess, 44, when their ticket bagged them an eye-watering £184,262,899.10 in May.

Two months later in July, an anonymous winner came forward to claim an astounding EuroMillions jackpot of £195m.

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