Home Politics McAuliffe’s claim that Glenn Youngkin ‘wants to ban abortion’

McAuliffe’s claim that Glenn Youngkin ‘wants to ban abortion’


“Glenn Youngkin has proudly and repeatedly proclaimed his opposition to women’s reproductive rights on the campaign trail, and he was caught on video admitting to his closest supporters that he wants to go ‘on offense’ to ban abortion and defund Planned Parenthood if elected,” said Renzo Olivari, a McAuliffe spokesperson. “His extreme position — and that of his running mate who promised to bring a Texas-style abortion ban to Virginia — is dangerous to women’s health, out of step with the 80% of Virginians who support women’s access to health care, and would harm our economy. As governor, Terry will continue to be a ‘brick wall’ against far-right attacks on a woman’s right to choose and he will always keep Virginia open and welcoming to all.”

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