Max Verstappen concerned for ex-Red Bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo at Australian GP

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Max Verstappen has concerns for Daniel Ricciardo at this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix. The reigning champion claimed his former Red Bull team-mate was always extremely busy at his home race and that he “never really got to fully enjoy” the experience.

He said being in Albert Park was tough for his former Red Bull team-mate as Ricciardo was just super busy. The Dutchman said it was “very special to have a home Grand Prix” and wishes Ricciardo could enjoy it more than he does.

He said: “I always felt sorry for him because he was always so busy. He actually never really got to fully enjoy it.

“Maybe he manages it differently now but I remember when he was here it was tough, he was super busy in the week leading up to the Grand Prix. So I hope for him that at least he can enjoy it a bit more now because I think it is very special to have a home Grand Prix.”

Ricciardo appeared to hit back at the Australian Grand Prix the last time the race was run in 2019.

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Verstappen has also called for drivers to have fewer off-track commitments on race weekends. The 24-year-old said he would not add any extra commitments to his schedule as he is “not there to entertain the crowds”.

He also said drivers should be able to refuse some commitments to help them manage their schedules better. The Red Bull driver added: “Of course, at one point as a driver you know what you need to feel good in the car and you really know how many commitments you can do on a weekend.

“But you should be able to say ‘no’ to certain commitments. At the end of the day you are here to drive and to race because that’s what you live for and what you get paid to do.”


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